Studio X: Mobile Miniature Painting Studio

Created by Mini Master Werks

Studio X mobile miniature painting station keeps your gear organized, and ready to go in minutes. Hold up to 60 17ml dropper style paints, 54 GW style paint pots, 30 brushes or a combination of tools, Glue, tweezers, scrapers, sprues, instructions, and even models. It includes our patented brush hanger with wall mount, 2 wet palettes with sponge and paper, 2 pro grade cutting mats/door sliders and 2 removable tool/bits trays that also work as brush rinse cups. All designed by professional miniature artists and engineered with high quality impact and chemical resistant materials. Perfect for the miniature artist on the go, painting with friends or with limited space. Stay organized, keep your gear safe and paint your mini's anywhere!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Final stage pre-production
4 days ago – Fri, Jul 30, 2021 at 02:16:34 PM

We have given the thumbs up to the manufacturer to start pre-production. The cross brace for the Studio X has been designed and mechanically engineered. They are now working on the texturing, logo placements, and tolerance adjustments. So finally some good news for a change.

There are still hurdles we will need to work on as the major flooding and typhoon in China, and the surge in the Delta varient of corona virus is happening at the moment. The project has 6 different manufacturers involved injection molding, wet palette seal and brush holder insert, wet palette paper and sponge, travel bag, lighting, and packaging manufacturers. We will keep everyone up to date as soon as we get news. We know the main (injection molding) manufacturer is good as well as the seal and insert manufacturer. The rest we are waiting to get news. 

Also the last week and a half has brought more price increase in raw materials and cargo shipping and it’s going to continue due to the current issues above. We will be raising the pricing on all the Studio X and accessories future sales to help cover some of the additional raw material costs. The changes will be made this week on our backerkit pre order store but will not effect previous orders/backers. 

We had planned to attend ReaperCon as a vendor but are waiting to see how the next week or two unfolds with the virus and shut downs. Both the wife and I are vaccinated but the wife is immunocompromised and it could cause serious issues. 

Please stay safe and another update soon. 

Thank you 

Adjustment needed.
21 days ago – Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 12:36:57 AM

We are currently waiting on word from the engineers. We were very thurogh going over the 1st sample and the majority of issues were very minor. There is one however that we are working on now. The 2 main uprights on the Studio X hold the locking mechanisims that keep the doors in place. If you push hard enough the uprights flex slightly and the door could come loose. My wife couldnt do it and I had to give it a very solid squeeze to do. Normal use we wouldnt see an issue but if someone were to drop it or hit something while carrying it could be an issue. We discussed this with both the design engineers and mechanical engineers and have a solution. A cross brace just above the wet pallets will keep them from flexing linking the two together.  The design engineers will have the drawings to the mechanical engineers later this week. 

The last 3 weeks we have spent working with Fedex/DHL for all of our shipping. It’s been a bit of a nightmare logistically and the first two weeks was just getting the upgraded account set up and dealing with different representitives. We will be using Fedex mostly but have a few small areas where DHL will need to be used.

Thank you to all of you that offered to chip in extra for shipping but we are trying to avoid doing this. We just ask for your patience as you have given so we can make the needed adjustments. 

The Monument paint shipment is part of the Fedex shipping we are dealing with now. The rep is putting much better rates in place for us on freight so we can save where possible. Jason/monument is aware of the situation and the shipment should be squared away this week. The international shipping will take a bit longer but is being worked on. 

We were hoping for more firm answers for the update and possible dates but again everything is in motion and changing constantly. We are always pushing forward and will continue until complete. Once production starts things will move quickly and answers/dates will be readily available. 

We are very excited to see conventions and shops finally opening again . If anyone is going to ReaperCon please stop by our booth as we will have the Studio X sample with us and it will be very nice to let everyone finally see the project in person. 

Anyone who has an address change you are able to adjust by going into backerkit and changing. We will be contacting each of you before the orders go out as well to ensure correct shipping/contact info and your order is 100% correct. Those of you that have requested some of our additional products to be included in your order we will handle before shipping. 

Thank you

Waiting for answers
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jun 22, 2021 at 03:06:27 AM

All of the information has been sent and discussed with the manufacturer. We currently are waiting to hear back on a time table for adjustments needed. Should be next week some time. The 2 biggest adjustments needed were the top 2 lids for the tool/water trays and possibly putting a cross support for the main center uprights to avoid the door closures from coming loose if someone pushes them inward. The rest very minor and normal tolerance adjustments. 

There are some issues we face coming up with shipping. Cargo shipping rates have spiked over the last 4 to 6 weeks to an all time high and continue to grow. If you can book space as it is limited its at a massive premium as huge corporations are gladly paying just to get product in. Please google international cargo price increases. When the project started we had an 8% to 10% cushon figured for cost. As of last week container space is at 300+ % and growning. With the increases we have already taken on from raw materials (12% to 18%) and standard shipping about the same this is not something we can do even if space is available. A full container normally is 4800 to 5400 dollars as of last week is 17,700 to 18,500 dollars if you can book it any time soon. In order to keep things flowing booking space needs to be done just as manufacturing begins to ensure its available. We are moving forward asap with the manufacturing once the adjustments are made so please do not worry the project has come to a hault. After loads of emails and reports we are told the pricing should start to come back to some what normal over the next few months. We are giving everyone a heads up as to what we are up against and dealing with on our end. 

To use a quote from the Avengers ”we are in the end game” and the project will be completed. 

Some of you have address changes and we will be contacting you before we lock in all the addresses so please hold for now. 

Thanks to all of you for being patient and understanding. Surviving the last year with all the manufacturing, shipping and covid related issues while starting a new business has been a challange to say the least.


2 months ago – Thu, Jun 03, 2021 at 11:59:49 AM

Some pictures of the Studio X 1st run test sample.

The wet palettes are 100% set to go. There are some minor issues we need to address with the manufacturer before moving forward. The majority of it is tolerances but its very normal at this stage and very easy to adjust. The screws in the latch button housing we would like to be a bit beefier as well.

The cutting mats, new handle design, removable tool/water trays, and reinforced center uprights are all spot on. As you can see in one of the pictures still holds 15 standard dropper bottles per shelf so 60 bottles total.

We have a few more days to keep going over everything before our video conference with the manufacturer. So far things are looking good.

If any of you are wondering everything is done in white semi transparent material, it's easily point out and see any issues. The actual units will have color.

We will get back at the videos/pdfs and shipping portions once this part is complete and the manufacturers have our input. 

Thank you

Wet palette testing
2 months ago – Sat, May 29, 2021 at 08:59:12 PM

Testing of the wet palettes has gone extremely well. We tested Vallejo, Scale 75, Reaper, Monument, Games Workshop, and P3 paints and they all did great. After 28+ hours all of them were perfect and 

started to settle a bit due to non usage. No bleeding through the paper at all were ready to go.  We did test some metallic paints from all the ranges just to see what would happen. After 18 hours they started to bleed through the paper a bit and settle. Then it was on to the heavy body acrylics to really put the palette and paper to the test. We used golden brand and weren't disappointed. We went 24 hours with the lid on and the paint was great. It pulled a little moisture and was ready for the brush. We did have some minor bleed through but very acceptable. You can see in the pics below. 

We are going to give the manufacturer the thumbs up on the palette, paper, and sponge after very successful testing. We now are moving on to the rest of the Studio X and will post updates as we go. 

We have another tutorial to put up but are working on a better way to organize everything for easier access and uploading. Should be all set in a few days. Some of you have asked for us to add on products to your orders. We will be going through each order and contacting everyone before anything ships to ensure your order is correct and shipping info is as well. So far everything looks good with the Studio X except some minor tolerance(expected) issues. We should be wrapped up mid next week with the testing. It looks like our persistence on sourcing quality materials is paying off. 


Regular hobby paint
Heavy body acrylics