Studio X: Mobile Miniature Painting Studio

Created by Mini Master Werks

Studio X mobile miniature painting station keeps your gear organized, and ready to go in minutes. Hold up to 60 17ml dropper style paints, 54 GW style paint pots, 30 brushes or a combination of tools, Glue, tweezers, scrapers, sprues, instructions, and even models. It includes our patented brush hanger with wall mount, 2 wet palettes with sponge and paper, 2 pro grade cutting mats/door sliders and 2 removable tool/bits trays that also work as brush rinse cups. All designed by professional miniature artists and engineered with high quality impact and chemical resistant materials. Perfect for the miniature artist on the go, painting with friends or with limited space. Stay organized, keep your gear safe and paint your mini's anywhere!